CSF 2010 Accepted Papers

On protection by layout randomization
Information flow in credential systems
Quantification of integrity
Formal verification of privacy for RFID systems
Required information release
Impossibility results for secret establishment
Modeling and verifying ad hoc routing protocols
Protocol composition for arbitrary primitives
Dynamic vs. static flow-sensitive security analysis
Strong invariants for the efficient construction of machine-checked protocol security proofs
A game-based definition of coercion-resistance and its applications
Towards precise specification of logic-based access-control policies
A framework for the sound specification of cryptographic tasks
Analysing unlinkability and anonymity using the applied pi-calculus
Approximation and randomization for quantitative information-flow analysis
On the quantitative analysis of proofs of authorization: applications, framework, and techniques
Automating open bisimulation checking for the spi-calculus
Vulnerability bounds and leakage resilience of blinded cryptography under timing attacks
Information flow monitor inlining
Quantitative information flow - verification hardness and possibilities